How much should your new bespoke kitchen cost?

Embarking on the journey to create your dream kitchen involves more than just envisioning the perfect layout. Understanding the costs associated with your new kitchen is essential to ensure that every detail aligns with your expectations. In this guide, we unravel the complexities of cost in the realm of bespoke kitchens.

Balancing quality aspirations with cost

Similar to the automotive industry, the costs of a kitchen can vary tremendously, even with the same layout. Consider the analogy of a Ford Focus versus a Range Rover – each serves a purpose, but the build quality and specifications differ significantly. The same principle applies to your kitchen, where the cost range reflects variations in craftsmanship and materials.

Primary Cost Components

Breaking down the costs of your kitchen, there are three primary components:


Cabinetry is the foundation of your kitchen, the quality and specifications of cabinets can vary.  Cheaper kitchen cabinets will be mass-produced, CNC-cut cabinets made of materials such as MFC (melamine-faced chipboard). Whilst serviceable, MFC will show its age over time,  particularly at the edges and corners where a process called edge banding applies a thin finishing surface to the most vulnerable area of the furniture.  On the other hand, a luxury handmade kitchen should be a hand-crafted piece of joinery made of premium materials which will not age gracefully with your property.


The surface that ties the design together, and the choice of worktop material influences both aesthetics and functionality.  There are many beautiful options to be considered, both man-made and natural, each with its own pros and cons to be considered.  Natural stone has an allure.  Its character is created by nature, so each slab is unique.  Many natural stones however are not as durable as the man-made equivalents.  The man-made stones offer a greater level of control and consistency and can offer more peace of mind where durability is a priority.  Again, the price of your worktop will vary significantly from manmade quartz to semi-precious natural stone and all price points in-between.


The style and cost of appliances vary broadly and will have a significant contribution to the look, feel and cost of your kitchen.  From sleek downdraft hobs to homely range cookers, and from discreetly integrated fridge freezers to innovative wine conditioners, there is a wealth of options to consider.

Each of these ‘cost centres’ can vary based on build quality and specifications. Understand that individual priorities and expectations differ. To navigate this, communicate openly with your designer about your allocated funds. Let them illustrate how they would manage these cost centres to find the optimum balance tailored to your unique preferences.

Advice on Managing Costs

Our advice is to be transparent about your budget. Ring-fence the funds dedicated to your kitchen project. Recognize that the finished project is what you will experience every day. Refusing to compromise on your desired design and specifications is the key to long-term contentment with your new kitchen.  further to this, we must emphasise the importance of getting the design right on the drawing board before work commences.  Changes at a late stage inevitably lead to disruption and as a result, increased costs.  This is completely avoidable with professional guidance at the early stages of your project, and designers who are willing to spend time with you at the outset of your project to make sure that your needs are being met before fabrication starts.


Navigating the costs of your luxury handcrafted kitchen is an intricate journey that requires transparency, communication, and a commitment to your vision. Understand that variations in costs are inherent, and your level of investment should align with your priorities. By approaching the project with an open dialogue with your designer and a determination to ring-fence your kitchen funds, you pave the way for a space that resonates with your expectations and brings daily satisfaction. Your dream kitchen is not just an investment; it’s a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle.

Our professional and friendly team are here to help.  We welcome you to visit one of our showrooms to experience first-hand kitchens which display a plethora of options for cabinetry, worktops and appliances targeted at a range of price points.