O’45 by Modern British

The O’45 Collection elevates the art of kitchen design to new heights.  A finely crafted solid-wood kitchen, full of unexpected expression and innovation.

The O’45 applies our patented technology to unlock geometric possibilities to create unique kitchen design. Beyond the striking look of the O’45, the intelligent use of geometry leading to maximised storage space and enhanced functionality within.


An astonishing statement piece in any home, but it is not simply for show.
The storage of an O’45 will out-perform any ’box’ kitchen by putting what you need just where you need it.
Designed with the end-user’s needs uppermost in mind, all O’45 storage comes to you, meaning no more stretching to the back of the cupboard.

The O45 design dares to challenge convention with the 45 degree drawer (patented). Tilting a drawer on a 45 degree angle offers new possibilities for improved visual accessibility, enabling an uninterrupted view of the entire contents of the drawer at a single glance. Furthermore, the drawer is sized to efficiently house most common food packaging, enhancing efficiency of drawer space, meaning that you can get more from less with an O45 Kitchen.
The O45 V drawers are packed with utility! We have developed a series of function specific inserts for the the V drawers, working on the principle of “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place”, making an O’45 a beautifully functional kitchen. This optimised organisation means less time rummaging and more time to enjoy cooking, entertaining and socialising.
The barn, affectionately named due to its resemblance to a hay barn gable, is a large volume space with superb accessibility; ideal for storing larger items such as pots and pans, baking trays and small kitchen appliances. The option of a glass panel front gives the opportunity to elevate the status of a barn from basic storage to a stunning display cabinet. The perfect place for your favourite dinnerware set.

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