Beautifully handmade, stylish and versatile

The Quintesse Collection

Handmade & hand-painted shaker cabinetry with unique detailing which lends itself to a timeless kitchen in either a traditional or modern design.

A fresh look at The Shaker Kitchen

Modern British bring their award-winning design flair to the bespoke shaker kitchen. Characterised by a unique chamfered framework, Quintesse can be designed to harmonise with traditional or modern styling.

Handcrafted Drawers and Inserts

Solid wood, dovetail drawer boxes, precision made and expertly finished. Each element of a Modern British kitchen is handmade to order and can be customised with bespoke designed inserts to provide effortless functionality.

Love in Every Detail

Our solid wood plinth, the shallowest on the market gives Modern British Classic and Horizon ranges individual cabinet proportions with maximised storage space within.

Lifestyle enhancing design

We tailor our kitchens to the individuality of each customer through a process of listening and close collaboration. Where others copy from a pattern-book of readymade designs, with Modern British each project starts with the goal to create genuine lifestyle enhancement.

Recent Quintesse Projects

A Beautiful Selection of Natural or Painted Wood

Frame, cabinet, drawer, frontal – we offer a complete range of options for solid wood components in your cabinets, so you can have the wood and colour combination of your dream kitchen.

Frames and Frontals in Any Colour

We can provide any paint colour you choose. We use durable modern water-based and PU based finishes, either fully finished or primed for hand-painting on site.

Quintesse Inspiration