How to Prepare For Your Dream Bespoke Kitchen in 8 Steps

Embarking on the journey of commissioning your bespoke kitchen is an exciting venture.  In order to get the best results,  we recommend recording your thoughts on a broad range of aspects at the early stages of the design.

Let’s delve into the key steps to ensure your bespoke kitchen reflects your style and functionality needs.

Step 1 : Create a moodboard

Start by gathering images, colours, finishes, textures, and materials that resonate with you. This can either be a physical scrapbook, a folder on your laptop or a board on Pinterest; whichever works best for you.

This visual collage will serve as a guide throughout the design process. Pay attention to the details that catch your eye, whether it’s the warmth of a particular wood or the veining of a worktop. Group these elements to identify common themes that will shape the overall aesthetic of your bespoke kitchen.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box at this stage, for example, you might see a fabric that catches your eye.  It might not be obvious at first how it is relevant, but as the design takes shape it could spark an idea.


Step 2 : Consider what is unique about you and your home

Your kitchen will outlive current interior design trends.  The best way to future-proof your design is to consider how it can reflect the individuality of you and your home.

What are your specific needs?  Is there a place or space that resonates with you that you could take inspiration from?  What adjectives would you use to describe your ideal space? e.g. Light and uplifting, calming, vibrant…  Are there period features in your home or special characteristics in your environs which you can incorporate into the design or draw inspiration from?

Step 3 : Give thought to texture

Texture is a matter of personal preference.  Some love the character and tactile quality that textured finishes bring to an interior design, where others require all finishes to be sleek and smooth.  It is possible to blend both approaches, for example, blending fluted timber doors as a feature within an otherwise sleek handless kitchen.   This approach can add depth and character to your kitchen, creating a cohesive, clean and visually appealing space.

Step 4 : Traditional, Contemporary or Somewhere In-between

Decide on the overarching style of your kitchen. Are you drawn to the clean lines and modernity of a contemporary design? Perhaps the timeless elegance of a classical kitchen appeals to you. Alternatively, if you want something entirely unique and eclectic, embrace a quirky design that reflects your personality and individuality.

If you are undecided between classical or modern styling, a skilful design-team such as ours will be able to help guide your towards a fruitful resolution.  It is not uncommon to mix styles within a space, for example setting a contemporary sleek kitchen island within an otherwise shaker kitchen.

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Step 5 :  Integrated or Free-Standing Appliances

Consider the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen appliances. Do you prefer a seamless, integrated look where appliances blend seamlessly into the cabinetry, or do you lean towards the charm of free-standing appliances that add a touch of vintage or industrial flair? Your choice will significantly impact the overall design.

Step 6 : Go with the Flow

Your kitchen is not an isolated space; it’s an integral part of your home. Envision how the design will flow into and from the rest of the house. Consistency in design elements and colour schemes ensures a harmonious transition between spaces, creating a unified and inviting atmosphere.

Give consideration to how the working space of the kitchen interfaces with the circulation within the house, most critically, we advise that circulation around cooking appliances does not interfere with the general flow for reasons of pragmatism and safety.

Step 7 : Trust Your Instinct

Ultimately, trust your instincts. If a particular design approach resonates with you, it likely aligns with your personal style and preferences. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your tastes and a space where you feel comfortable and inspired. Let your instincts guide you towards a design that brings joy and satisfaction.

Step 8 : We are here to help

If all of this seems daunting, fear not!  We are here to help.  Our highly skilled designers do this every day and work with our customers to create spaces which they will love for years to come.  A design consultation with Modern British is free of charge, and no obligation, so please reach out if you need any help along your journey.